An Aquatic & Sports Leisure Park for Aylesbury Vale 
Building a Stronger Community
*For illustrative purposes ony. The final version may be subject to change
The Core Development
The core facilities of the development are shown below
  1. Aquatic & Sports Leisure Park
    A strategically staged development of a world class Aquatic & Sports Leisure Park covering 250 acres (100 Ha) when fully developed.
    The facility is to include indoor and outdoor facilities and will cater to a wide range of visitors. Though targeted on leisure, it will include therapy, sport and recreational activities all focussed on water.
  2. Tourist Accommodation
    One 250 bed hotel and one 125 bed hotel are envisaged for the site.
    In keeping with the semi-rural environs and character architecture, the hotels will be kept to within 3 levels of the existing ground. There is interest from a number of major hotel operators and star rating and theming (if any) will be developed during the feasibility study and master planning process.
  3. Tourist Retail & Commercial Precinct
    Associated immediately with the tourist accommodation will be a retail and commercial precinct designed to add to the holiday experience.
    This precinct is expected to be reasonably compact around each hotel and allows for easy and convenient access to other activities and services including restaurants, cafes, tourist clothing and gifts.
  4. Landscaping
    Extensive and empathetic landscaping featuring a major lake system will be created as a prime landscape feature.
    Not only will this benefit wildlife, but the visual appeal of the development will be greatly enhanced, ensuring the park retains a local atmosphere and creates the semi-rural ambience found in Aylesbury Vale.
Working together for a stronger Aylesbury Vale 
Site Location
The proposed development site is situated immediately to the North of Aylesbury with the total anticipated area for development being 100 Hectares (250 Acres).
It is located 42 Miles (49 minute drive) from Heathrow Airport and 47 Miles (1 hr, 12 minute’s drive) from London GPO, making it well situated in relation to Greater London, one of the planet’s largest population centres with 8.539 million people (1 July 2014 census).
A dual carriageway link road indicated by the red line, is proposed within the Aquatic & Sports Leisure Park Development Scheme.
Ancillary Development & Staging 

In addition to the core development, ancillary community facilities are proposed as follows:

Sustainable development through sound principles 
Recognised Specialists
Enthused by the specialisms which this project commands, we have procured the interests of world-recognised professionals within their respective fields, with  proven records of delivering social and ecological developments that fulfil both community and investor needs.
World-Renowned Experts
Principal advisers and consultants will be engaged  to deliver expertise within their respective specialisms  to address specific needs, including those relating to inclusivity, health, community safety, fitness and general well-being.
International Experience
We are well placed to provide world’s best practice due to the team’s extensive international experience and knowledge of comparable worldwide leisure facilities and operations.
Local Business Opportunities
We are seeking to deliver this project in partnership with your community. We will open up and optimise every available opportunity for local businesses and the wider community to participate in and benefit from the development.  
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  1. Convention & Exhibition Centre
    A large international standard, multi purpose centre close to the hotels which can be utilised for dual social and business purposes.
  2. Sports Stadia/Academies of Sport
    Both indoor & outdoor sporting and fitness facilities, and a possible venue for Aylesbury Utd FC.
  3. 18 Hole Golf Course
    Including themed mini-golf for children, driving range and clubhouse.
  4. Futures Park
    Low carbon incubation and innovation centre. A two storey 30,000 sq. ft building, for subdivision from 200 sq ft to provide a location for new and existing businesses.
  5. Medical Centre
    Focusing on innovative solutions supporting the surrounding area, including ground-breaking new products for diabetics and those suffering from skin ailments.
  6. Nursery
    The provision of a baby and child care facility on site for employees and visitors will facilitate business.