An Aquatic & Sports Leisure Park for Aylesbury Vale 
Building a Stronger Community
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Why a water / sports leisure facility?
Additionally, aquatic centres creates community wellbeing, delivered whether the facility is being used for therapy or not.  Immersion in water is good for you. 
As well as being calming, water-based leisure creates 'happiness,' a measure of community health more widely accepted because of its link to mental well-being, reduction in depression, anti-social behaviour and suicide rates.
It has also been proven that regular contact with sterilised pool water prevents all ailments associated with the eyes; that skin ailments are also greatly improved and with the specific use of certain sterilisation systems, positively therapeutic.
Water based activities are also non-impact and without it being formalised, a wonderful aerobic workout for almost every muscle in the human body.  Moving through water in “Aqua-aerobic” exercise is now recognised by most codes of football as being one of the best forms of preparation for matches, repairing muscle and tendon damage and maintaining aerobic fitness levels.  These factors are unmatchable by any other form of facility or development.
It is our experience and conviction that aquatic leisure facilities are the safest, most universally beneficial facility type that a modern developed community can build. Every pound spent on an aquatic facility can be enjoyed by every person in any community.  It is money universally accepted as being ‘well spent.’
Working together for a stronger Aylesbury Vale 
Community Engagement

We are committed to delivering optimum community engagement to every region in which we undertake developments and therefore regard our Community Initiatives (CI) as an integral part of our sustainable agenda. 
Our CI supports communities in becoming more cohesive and prosperous and is key to our 106/278 Environmental Impact Assessment applications. Through our CI, agreed financial contributions are channelled through local government programmes to deliver tangible benefits which are suitable to the needs of local people and necessary organisations within the community.
As part of our commitment, we will establish a community platform that enables our CI to engage with local SME trades and businesses, support agencies, colleges, schools, community safety and voluntary groups.

Greater employment prospects

We will engage with local job centres and other employment agencies to ensure the appropriate employment opportunities are offered to local people first.  
As well as the Aquatic & Sports Leisure Park, the associated hotels and a number of longer term facilites, which will complement the leisure hub, will offer a wide range of opportunities for employment.
Additionally, as each of these facilities and attractions will be delivered in stages over 10 years, the community will reap the benefit of jobs associated with ongoing construction and businesses. The longevity of the scheme will provide greater stability through a sustained level of employment in and around Aylesbury Vale. 

Local skills growth

Due to the scheme’s magnitude, the necessary skills base required for the project will be adjunct to its development, creating a local ‘centre of excellence’ in the skills essential to operate and maintain a technologically based leisure park. Such training will embrace all sectors of employment and generate new opportunities. 
Apart from the usual skills training required for any leisure park, we are expecting to create university programs for technologies embedded in the park and to twin with local technology-based businesses in incubating suitable technicians and IT specialists. Blue Chip development partners and eligible individuals will also be approached to address issues of skill levels for improved employment and future career opportunities, apprenticeships, sustainable construction and other sector training. 

Accredited social programmes

We will provide more in-depth and accredited support programmes, which aim to encourage a cross section of young people at risk, disaffected with school and society, from drifting into a life of anti-social behaviour and crime. The programme teaches these young people self-discipline, self-respect and respect for others, which is the foundation of a law-abiding life.

Support for voluntary organisations

For smaller voluntary groups whose services are essential to the community, our CI may be the only means of them obtaining financial support for their continuation.
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