An Aquatic & Sports Leisure Park for Aylesbury Vale 
Building a Stronger Community
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 A Stronger Aylesbury

Community Well-Being

Social  & Economic Development

We are not building just another traditional leisure facility. Our aim is to further develop the Aylesbury Vale community, using the Aquatic & Sports Leisure Park as a vehicle. We see it as creating resilience, because we know through experience that making communities stronger, healthier, happier, safer, and wealthier is the only engagement that matters.  
Every pound spent on an aquatic leisure facility can be enjoyed by every person in the community. From toddlers through to the elderly and infirm, everyone can benefit from the power of water for recreation, leisure, therapy, fitness and sport. Community health, fitness and well-being also increases productivity, reduces public health costs and creates greater happiness and cohesion. 
A world class facility, the completed Aquatic & Sports Leisure Park will deliver an aggregate of over  10,300 full time jobs for local residents in and around Aylesbury Vale. Our consultative approach with the commmuity will engage local businesses and actively incorporate social issues into the development consideration mix, creating support and responding to the needs of the community at every level.
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Benefiting Local People
Growing Local Businesses
From local skills growth, reduced anti-social
behaviour, community cohesion and the establishmnent of Aylesbury Vale as a UK centre of excellence in advanced technology, the Aquatic & Sports Leisure Park will bring a number of long term advantages to the area. 
Considerable opportunities will result from the development for Small & Medium Sized Enterprises - and not just for the construction industry. Supply chain integration, supplier events, upskilling programmes and accredited apprenticeship schemes are only the start for Aylesbury Vale's business community. 
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Working together for a stronger Aylesbury Vale